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THE BEST Microfiber Cleaning Towel ON the Market!

Our towel is the upgraded and original version against cheap, palm-sized disposable ones available in a heap in the market. 

Here's why:

XL towel with smooth edges & ultra-wicking, quick-dry properties

Why you should choose the original?

Disposable options may seem cost-effective, but you can only enjoy the smooth & lasting cleaning experience with 'The Original.'

Unmatched quality

Cheaper options with cotton and pile-like textures leave residues and lines on your car's surface. Our towel boasts soft twisted loops made from a premium blend of polyester and polyamide, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning experience.


Unlike smaller, one-time-use towels, our Microfiber Towel can hold a gallon of water, smoothly glide, and quickly dry your vehicle or any surface, setting a new standard for ease and efficiency. Its ideal XL size easily meets all nooks and crannies for a complete dry.

Longevity and reusability

Unlike disposable alternatives that go bad after a single wash, our towel is washable and reusable, offering long-lasting performance and exceptional value for your Bucks.

Multi-purpose hero

More than just a car accessory, our cleaning towel is versatile—perfect for bikes, motorcycles, boats, offering an all-in-one cleaning solution.


"Love to see how it quickly draws water up from the surface like magic!" 

"I'm in awe! The towel's effortless glide and rapid drying turned my car-cleaning routine into a swift and satisfying experience."

" Believe me, Its' speedy drying without leaving any lines & residues is not a joke."

"Original's quality stands out; no match for big packs of disposable ones"

FBF Twisted-Loop Drying Towel "ORIGINAL"